radialx 2012

Every two years RadiaLx gathers and joins efforts with an international set of groundbreaking artists, instigators and producers, delivering several days of broadcasts, public interventions and performances. Under the motto "new and forgotten ways of making radio", the event initiated from the need to discuss and expand the ideas around radio as an active social enhancer, intersecting the need to find alternative actions and narratives, as well achieve a chorus of participative and social awareness on the medium.

The 4th edition is no different and aims to present radio projects and broadcasts and set up a platform of discussions regarding radio's diversity. We hope to mirror on this event its multiple possibilities and transformations from new forms of transmission to the voices that are silented within their own communities.

Apart from our studio location on IST, this year event brings new partners and supporters that share our enthusiasm with inventive radio such as the amazing locations of Jardim da Estrela, Galeria Boavista and Flausina. Thanks also for alll the musicians, artists and producers that generously participate and make this event so special.

rádio zero

Rádio Zero emerged in 2006 from the reformulating of the radio station of the Lisbon Institute of Technology. Since then, its modus operandi has been the free access for all broadcasters too promote society participation and developing content of a communitarian nature. It also works as an aggregative pole of collective dynamics, with links to broadcast technology and freely available logistic and technical development tools.

The specificity of its activities places Rádio Zero in the international networks that identify radio not only as a broadcasting medium, but also as a tool of artistic expression and an open space, fostering the production of art works using radio medium and technologies. But while Rádio Zero hosts projects, it also intervenes and interacts with the real world. By moving around in mobile units, it can temporarily set up at events that are interested in participative broadcasting. In its manifesto, it gives prior importance to the auteur format. This unwavering trust in the “autor”, or in the sense of autonomy that the term suggests, definitely distance it from the commercial sphere or from any connection other than alternative communitarian radio – a formula so neglected that it doesn't even have a legal status in Portugal. All of these lines of action give Rádio Zero the values of a reach which, if not directly ontological, underpin a message-interference in order to establish innovative and creative action that is in tune with an underlying economy of distribution.

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