JUNE 27-30 2012

The 4th edition of RadiaLx presents challenging radio works and engaging discussions regarding the diversity of radio and its multiple possibilities and transformations. Fostering a close interaction between producers, artists and community, RadiaLx explores the emerging and the forgotten qualities of a medium that survives and blends with today digital culture.

In 88.4MHz in Lisbon and online everywhere, RadiaLx will broadcast art works submited from all over the world either live through stream or pre-recorded. Local productions, site-specific projects, cooperation streams, shows and concerts will also colour the 4th edition of the event.

The action takes place at Rádio Zero studios and also engages the public spaces through performative events thanks our wonderful partner locations at Instituto Superior Técnico, Jardim da Estrela, Galeria Boavista, Stress.fm e Flausina.

27.06 22:30 | FLAUSINA
2+n: ricardo guerreiro + miguel cardoso

ricardo webbens
paulo curado
maria radich

radiozero antenna unit

2+n - Miguel Cardoso and Ricardo Guerreiro - are developing their interactive computing environments in SuperCollider for the live generation and processing of sound. In 2+n they promote the intersection of this two algorithmic sets with other n distinct realities.

Ricardo Webbens has set his direction in a multidisciplinary experimentalism crossing sound art and digital media art. Here joined by Maria Radich on voice and movement and Paulo Curado on reeds.


28.06 22:00 | GALERIA BOAVISTA
fitas of the fittest
Corey Fogel

Concert with Dub Sound System performance.
Many are called / few are chosen! Only the Fitas of the Fittest survive! Dub down Babylon!no

Corey Marc Fogel is a drummer and performance artist currently living in Los Angeles. His solo work is based around improvisational encounters with sounds, objects, personalities, textiles, foods, spanning the disciplines of video, dance, and installation.

During June, Galeria Boavista (rua da Boavista, 50) is ocuppied by the gardners of c-e-m and Pedras d'Agua, preparing the exhibition “documentação: pessoas e lugares”. In the evening, in partnership with Radialx and Stress.fm we present a set of performances spanning from Dub, Freestyle and improvised music.

29.06 21:00 | IST ROOF TOPS
cloud theory:
paulo raposo
carlos bechegas
carlos santos
rogerio silva

The performance is split between the two roofs of the Technical Institut in Lisbon. The audience will have to choose between the south and north tower to enjoy both the performance as well the magnficent sunset view over Lisbon.
In each roof there are two musicians. Carlos Santos and Rogerio Silva on the north tower, Paulo Raposo and Carlos Bechegas on the south tower. The interconnected broadcast performance departs from the fact that precise mechanics of how a cloud forms and grows is not completely understood and theories explaining the structure of clouds provide a surely interesting metaphor for a rooftop radio performance.

29.06 22:30 | GALERIA BOAVISTA
ricardo jacinto
rodrigo pinheiro

david maranha
manuel mota
ricardo wanke
joão silva

Ricardo and Rodrigo form a duet of cello and electronic devices. Rodrigo most known as pianist within RED Trio, focus on highly energetic and fast free improvised music. Ricardo has been active since the late nineties exhibiting and performing intensely with other musicians, visual artists and coreographers.

Maranha, Silva, Mota and Wanke will present a unique interplay of 2 dobros (resonator guitars) and 2 harmoniums, demonstrating a continuous and already long exploration of challenging music which stimulates new ways of listening.

30.06 19:00 |JARDIM DA ESTRELA
variable geometry orchestra

"The music produced by the most important portuguese large ensemble juxtaposese and lively interacts acoustic and electronic sounds in a rare negotiation of meaning, discourse and detail. It's full spectrum contains subliminal as well as psycho-acoustic characteristics and include the possibility of complete silence. Ernesto Rodrigues "conduction is operated by balancing the sound masses that travel in the acoustic space, dictating the construction of the real-time composition, and thus revealing the organized juxtaposition of specific instruments as mobile sound groups."

Ernesto Rodrigues - viola
Guilherme Rodrigues - cello
Eduardo Chagas - trombone
Jorge Lampreia - flauta, sax soprano
Nuno Torres - sax alto
Nuno Morão - percussão
Joao Pedro Viegas - clarinete baixo
Ricardo Jacinto - cello
Jose Parrinha - clarinete, clarinete alto
Rogério Silva - trompete
Rui Travasso - clarinete
Paulo Chagas - oboé, sax tenor
José Pessoa - sax alto
Monsieur Trinité - objectos diversos
Cyril Bondi - percussão
José Oliveira - percussão
Castello-Lopes - percussão
Armando G Pereira - acordion
Abdu moi-meme- guitarra eléctrica
To Ze Chaparreiro - guitarra eléctrica
John Klima - electric bass
Paulo Raposo - computador
Ricardo Guerreiro - computador
Carlos Santos - computador
d'incise - computador