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Workshop by Udo Noll

maximum: 10 participants
fee: 30 Eur
registration by mail

02 July | 14-19h
03 July | 11-17h

Goethe-Institut Lisbon (map)

if available, bring mobile
sound recording devices

  Listen to RadioZero:


The project radio aporee ::: maps has started end of 2006, based on former artistic research on mapping, spatial conditions and the navigation between the real and the virtual. It develops from the insight that it is basically impossible to map the complexity of todays public spaces. Against the background of an increasing awareness of spatial aspects in media and the popularity and presence of visual geographies like google maps, the idea was to connect sound and space, and to create a cartography which fosusses solely on sound, and open it to the public as a collaborative project. Meanwhile it contains almost 7000 recordings from numerous urban, rural and natural environments, showing the audible complexity of our living spaces, as well as the different perceptions and artistic perspectives related to sound, space and places.
In addition, the project invokes contemporary developments in mobile computing and so- called locative media which presume to be crucial to the way we experience our momentary daily life, where media and markets merge at the precise location of our body, creating a mixed- reality space of social (inter)action. An important question directly addressed by radio aporee is how we might autonomously create and subsequently occupy these hybrid social spaces, against the functions and fictions of solely market- driven forces.

Presentation of the project, backgrounds, perspectives and further development.
During the active part of the workshop, participants will make acoustic expeditions into the public space between the venues of the festival, where they can create recordings and locate them within the project. At the same time, using GPS, specific routes through the city can be recorded and merged into the sonic space of the audio map.
Depending on the conditions, it would be possible to present the workshop results performance-like, superimposing the outside city space and the soundmap, by walking with a GPS-enabled mobile phone simultaneously in real and virtual surroundings. This would demonstrate aspects and possibilities of mobile media in relation to sound and public spaces.

Udo Noll, born 1966 in Hadamar/Germany, lives in Berlin and Cologne. He graduated as applied scientist for film, photography and media technology at the university of Cologne. Since then he's working as an artist and media professional in numerous international projects and exhibitions. He's also the founder of radio aporee, an open and collaborative platform for the research about sound, art and space in today's mixed realities.
More info at http://aporee.org/aporee.html